About Me

I am a writer who thrives on imagination and creativity. I write fiction and create pieces based on modern love, dreams and wishes, sexual fantasies, parental abuse and more.

On the professional front, I have hands-on experience on editing around 180 books with authors around the globe. I also have expertise in creating content for advertising and marketing. 

For freelancing opportunities (Corporate)

If you’re looking for a Content Writer who is tremendously good in creating content for 

  • Ad copies
  • Landing pages
  • Online and offline blog posts
  • Webinars

Basically everything that counts in digital marketing, then I am your girl. Drop me an email at pandere.aishwarya@gmail.com

For your personal/passion project

Having worked in a publishing company as a Content Development Editor for 3+ years, I have hands-on experience on around 180 books. I have worked with authors across the globe.

You can see authors from Germany, France, Sweden recommending my work here. (Scroll through the Recommendations)

I have expert knowledge, interest and professional experience in

  • Editing content
  • Proofreading content
  • Visualizing creative ideas to create engaging content
  • Story Development 
  • Reviewing content
  • Concept Writing and 
  • Creating audience-friendly content

If you’re looking for creative inputs or a Content Editor, I promise to be your best investment. Drop me an email at pandere.aishwarya@gmail.com