For my glowing wife


15 years is a long time
She kept fighting with herself
To forget him and look after me

She did it with grace
With meltdowns, and late night hiccups
On some days, she would smile
When a certain scene came on TV
I knew it meant something to her
Her smile would say it all

I kept watching her
Loving her while she was trying to clean her slate
It was tragic
To forget the one who you thought you would marry
But it was beautiful to see her grow through the process

She would write songs, sometimes lock her in a room
She had all the freedom to express herself
She deserved that
She was my wife. But a human being first.

These days, she tells me that she feels light
We both know what it means
And I feel happy for her
Finally she is ready
Ready for the next beautiful journey

And I feel lucky
That the next one will be with me
I wouldn’t promise you the best days
But I will always be there
Not at the end of the tunnel
But besides you while walking the tunnel

I love you, baby
I welcome you.

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