Hippies always welcome
The magic of love

Come with me. There’s a place I would want you to see.

Come with me, baby
There’s a place I would want you to see.

There are so many things I think about
In such a small day
So many colors, so many scenes,
This is what my mind;
my inner place looks like
When it is on the “Bright” mode.

Welcome to my club. It has been waiting for you.
Welcome to my club.

An Asian woman standing near a shop with her umbrella. She seems to have lost deep in her thoughts.

A girl in her date dress lying on grass at the park

A boy is playing with his girlfriend. He has picked her up.

Two best friends cycling wildly on the road

A group of friends chilling on the top of a building with wine. Everyone is comfortable around one another.

a girl and a boy are in a bathroom. The girl is printing her fingerprints on the boy's back with her soapy hands.

A boquet of flowers left as a surprise on a car

A picture of an airplane flying in the sky. This indicates freedom

A boy has kept the girl's hand on his heart. It's a very beautiful feeling.

A girl thinking over her life on her office terrace. She is happy and she can't believe how she made it through to such a beautiful place in life despite all the struggles. She looks extremely happy and rich and content with her achievements.

an image with a quote that says don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve what you want

A girl with brown highlights is exploring the city in her office attire. She is wearing a black top and white flared short skirt.

A young couple dancing in their house while wrapping their arms around each other's bodies

A wild girl having fun while she has jumped into a random roadside bathtub. She is happy and smiling.

Girls dressed up for a party at a club. They are dressed in black.

a girl hugging a tree

A girl and a boy kissing in a festival. The girl has decorated her eyes with sparkle makeup. The boy is very handsome

A girl and boy kissing on the stairs of the museum.

A girl with her book in a sea facing room

Birthday cake, homemade, candles say that the person is 81 year old. The cake looks beautiful as it's lit with candles from all ends

A girl with a full bun in an airplane looking out of the window

A group of girls having fun on a roadtrip

Dear Daughter

A girl wearing extremely cute clothes. blue denim jacket and blue skirt is approaching towards her pink vintage car

A cat thinking of herself as a tigress
PC of all images: We heart it

I might be a tigress
But of a different kind
Delicate yet strong-minded
Faint-hearted at times
Courageous when the slightest of belief is hinted
Roars when each dream comes true
Dances in my gang’s happiness
I am a lover baby, I don’t fight.


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