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Dear Relatives, You Are Not Authorized to Give Me Meltdowns. Sorry But Not Sorry!

Hmmm, it’s been a while since my amazing trip to Dubai! To be honest, I spent some of the best days of my life on that trip and to my surprise, I stopped having meltdowns once I returned. Now that’s really SOMETHING for someone who happens to have meltdowns almost every week. And I could figure out what made that miracle happen!

Freedom–that’s the word! I was free to do whatever I wanted, to go wherever I wanted. There were no unreasonable rules, no patriarchal stuff! No unnecessary questions! I know I sound like a brat or an ungrateful teenager. But let’s face it­–Who doesn’t love to live their life the way they want! *Yes, I can see you smiling, girl* On my vacation, I came across such good people with mind-blowing energies. They were out there, struggling, creating their own life, paying their own bills, of course there’s fear sometimes but they go on and they are happy. The energy was so good and infectious, gosh, now I really want that life. Because there you get to choose your own drama. There are no unwanted relatives or people poking their noses where they don’t belong. Basically, you HAVE a choice when you are kind of living on your own.

The crazy adventures I had on my trip didn’t give me much time to mull over silly stuff and have meltdowns. And after I returned, I am channeling my energy on working hard towards my job *not because I love to but because work-from-home* and taking baby steps towards my dreams *now that’s a choice I am making* Oh, how I wonder I could get a well-paid job in a country filled with music, art, dance, and museums. *Hold on dear, you’ll get there* *BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING*

But! Yes, the word “but” is here to ruin it all. As you all know the pandemic is really getting the worst out of us. To lighten up my cousin’s mood, I thought a group call would be a little fun thing to do! I called them and I heard my relative calling out my name and saying,

Is that Aishwarya? Well, she doesn’t have any work anyway!

AND YES! In that moment, tears just came rolling down my cheeks! A person who was bragging to her friends and family about not having any meltdowns started having a few, soon after that incident. So, I just made up an excuse and hung up. That thing has been bothering me since then. So, I thought, why not write about it, and get it out of my system? Because obviously no silly relative is authorized to make me feel bad, no matter what!

I told myself,

You and many others have been triggering me knowingly or unknowingly a lot of times. But not this time. Not anymore!

So the next time, I feel impacted by your thoughts, I am going to be like Michael!

Michael Scott from the series The office saying I don't care

Writing about it feels good *Raises her hands in the air*, and I am no longer going to let people who trigger me, control my emotions. There–I said it! If you’re someone who gets impacted by the words said by people who care about your heart, just try to ignore them, and stay away from them. They’re just not worth it. Stay good, stay happy and smile *Damn, see, that looks good on you! *

And of course, special shoutout to my love for the gorgeous, unforgettable trip which I just can’t seem to get over.

To make you guys smile a bit more, I have created a picture-blog filled with irresistibly cute animals. Come, see!

A cup of coffee with a sparkling star candy in it

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  • Parita Khedekar

    Totally relatable!! More power to you girl, I hope this article becomes some kind of Liberation movement where no more bullies will be accepted from any damn person in the world. And “Relatives” finally understand that we don’t care. Ohh what a world that will be!!

    • Aishwarya Pandere

      Oh my gosh! I read the “liberation movement” part and it brought such a big smile on my face! Thank you for making me smile this morning. :* Love you 💗 And yes, we need to have our guards up with disturbing relatives especially during the lockdown (when even taking a walk down the street has become a challenge). But we have each other’s backs, don’t we? 💗

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