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Golden girly

And I will go back to the time
When we were just colleagues
Who shared the same office space
Now we are secret friends

We aren’t best friends
And we might never take that road
Because what we have looks real good now
She has the warmest heart
I have ever known

Golden girly
Will you ever put your smile first
Will you ever learn
Your care should be celebrated
Because you don’t know but you are a gem

Golden girly
I wish nothing but happiness for you
You are a queen
With a heart of gold
There’s no way you will be left on your own

The Gods are watching
They are taking notes
Of the efforts you put in
For everyone you love

There will be a golden day
When you will find a heart
A girlfriend or a lover or both
With whom you will board the Hogwarts Express
Who will care for you like a mother
Like you are the prettiest flower in the garden

Close your eyes girly
Make a wish
Open your eyes and see yourself buying
New year presents for your loved ones
From that cute little gift shop in New York

Hey golden girly
You dance with your girlfriends, you toast to their happiness, your heart cries when they’re in pain
You come bearing thoughtful gifts
And the most comfortable shoulder
To lean on
You are the kind of best friend
Everyone prays for

I wouldn’t say
Better days aren’t coming
Because what you have is starting to get better already
With all the courage and strength you have, golden girly
Swish and flick your wand and
Make your world shine

Look around chinkey
You might have already found your golden friend
You might ask,
After all this time?
And the answer would be,

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