An open diary with two pages, one page painted pink and one yellow. The writer has handwritten a few words on those pages. The words written are Allowing violence is allowing your heart to get pinched little by little.
Parental Abuse

Parental Abuse

It hurts
when you prove to me that you don’t love me
when you stab me with your hurtful words
when you look me in the eye and abuse me
when you raise your hand to hit me

How can it be so easy for you? What are you made of? What do you think I am made of?
How strong should I get?
Don’t you get goosebumps
when your mouth whispers those filthy words
for your own child?

Doesn’t your body send you chills
while you gather the audacity to hit and bruise and ruin
your own child?

But you know what
I won’t give myself up
I won’t let myself drain
and in times when i do
I will get up
on my own
like I always have

I will wipe my tears,
dust off your filthy words from my heart
and still learn to stay innocent yet wild

I will wander
and search
and find
and learn ways
to love myself even more with your every attempt to drain my energy

 You say that no one will ever love me
but what if I say, I will
what if I say, You didn’t love me because my love in return was too much for your heart to contain.

Next Part Coming Soon

There is no period (full stop) in this poetry because the pain doesn’t end and it will never end. It will stay, like a scar. But you can turn that scar into a beautiful reminder. Every time you look at those wounds, you’ll remember you have had it all. And you survived with grace. Which is why you have the power to help your sisters and brothers worldwide to rise from the ashes of abuse like a phoenix. Can you do that? Will you do that?

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