Erotic stories

She licked me like I was the yummiest ice cream she had ever tasted

Pc: We heart it

She licked me as if I was this
Cold, irresistible, yummy chocolate ice cream
With a scoop of melted strawberry flavor on the top

She pushed me to the wall
And made me believe in the idea of heaven
I was experiencing pleasure and numbness
All at once
Can that happen? I felt it. I definitely felt it.

She was like a wild, free-spirited lover
Who couldn’t be tamed
The kind who wouldn’t care even if the roof was burning
The kind with whom you wouldn’t blink, even if the house was filled with water

She looked at me like
She had found something vintage
A bit rustic but timeless
Like parts of me were rare, like they wouldn’t be found if she left me this once

I would sparkle in her light
Like sunflowers dance when the sun rises
She kissed me so passionately
Like I was a biker who she had met in a motel
And she would never see me again

I have never felt this intensity in a long time
I have had lovers but not the crazy, mad ones
Not the ones who would stare at my back for hours
Drawing circles, writing poetries about it, leaving her lipstick marks on every inch of my skin
She was crazy. My skin, my soul had never met anyone like her

She kept licking me like I was her chocolate ice cream
Like I was the last one she would ever get
Like I was the yummiest one
And then she took a bite
And I loved to shatter for her
It was surreal
The experience tasted sweet. It tasted like love.

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