A red letterbox
The magic of love

The Beauty of Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters carry a different kind of love. The warmth of those broken alphabets, the fragrance of the ink, the presence of effort overwhelms me. The smile with which one travels back to the beautiful memories and re-lives them while writing them down, is so precious. These are the feelings that one must live with and live for.

And here’s a thing about handwritten letters. They STAY. As long as you want them to. In fact with time, they seem to get more beautiful, more yours, only yours!

Do you know what’s most beautiful about this process? There is somebody out there who waits for your response for weeks. And dances cheerfully when they finally see the postman entering their house. Their eyes sparkle as they open the letter and read every word, which they believe, belongs only to them.

Such is the beauty of letter writing. It carries and treasures love, like nothing ever can.

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