Two teenagers running wildly on the beach. Holding hands.
The magic of love

Two free-spirited people crazy in love

A magical birthday kiss on that beach tied me to you


I was just reading a book the other day
Having chocolates you sent me from miles away
A picture slipped from my wallet on my lap
Reminded me of all the magical moments we have had

Darling, it was so good
Never looking into our phones
Missing all those calls
While sitting on that beach
With our hands intertwined

A girl holding her boyfriend's hand. His hand has her lipstick mark on it. Very romantic image

Lost in our world
Holding hands and
Staring at the crashing waves
Silence for those 15 minutes
Beautiful memories making us smile

While dancing at night
To the refrigerator light
I think of you, as if you were holding me light
When will we meet next? When will we get lost?
They think we are crazy. I guess they are right

A girlfriend piggy backing her boyfriend. It's a fun moment captured

You left for the first time a few years ago
Left me with a plant saying watch it glow
That was the first time
I saw you crying
You hugged me tight and drove home smiling

A few moments later, my father drove me to your place
We met on the first floor and hugged in secret
I still remember you climbing the walls of your building
To watch me leave
One last time

Girl leaving on train to another country and her boyfriend is saying goodbye with teary eyes

Dropping our love on video calls
Celebrating our little wins sipping beer and watching fairy lights
Ending our nights with all the crazy stories at workplace
Whispering, I love you all of a sudden
On those never-ending calls

We have our own traditions now
A little secret language which only we know
Talking with you is like dancing under the starlight
Like my favorite dream has come true

A teen boy with brown eyes and tattoed arm looking at his girlfriend and smiling

It’s that time of the year when we meet again
Forget the world and dance again
Love like there’s no tomorrow and
Kiss till our lips go numb
The magical time of the year when our hearts meet again

I cannot wait to hug you tight
Squeeze your face with all the love I have got
Slide my fingers through your new white hair
The most beautiful airport affair

I just want you to be happy and maybe a little bit naked

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