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What Happens in Germany Stays in Germany: The Charming Stranger

We didn’t speak a word yet had the most intimate conversation

I worked my ass off to hold the Employee Of The Year award in one hand and an envelope of my fully paid trip to Germany in the other.

Like any other girl in her mid 20s, all I wanted was solace. Solace, what?? To hell with solace! All I wanted was to let loose and have an experience worth remembering.

Fast forward,

Packed bags >> the airport journey >> checked into the hotel at Germany >> slept off the jet lag >> had dinner >> dressed up and stepped into a club

I wore a white mini dress with brown boots. I let my hair down with a center puff. My lips matte red. My eyes filled with two intense strokes of brown kohl (kajal).

I found a place at the open bar on one of the high stools. I hopped on and ordered three tequila shots and Melvin Fries (fries tossed in chilly flakes and chillies).

I started to feel a bit tipsy (good tipsy) and grooved to the music that was being played. It was a fun feeling. I couldn’t believe that my two tiny feet were officially in a German bar. The open bar had a wooden finish and my tipsy mind made me realize that my boots and the wooden finish were a perfect match.

I knew I was smiling for no reason but I couldn’t help it. I was drunk and happy.

I placed an order for two more shots. While I was checking out the look and feel of the place, the ambience, the people, the kind of food they were eating; I started to feel giddy. As I felt giddy, I realized that I was moving my neck a little too much. So, I decided to rest my head on the table for a while.

When I looked up after a while, my fries were gone (I don’t remember eating all of them) and I realized a handsome face looking at me. So, I decided to look at the silver lining.

He smiled at me in a way that made me realize that he had definitely seen me moving my head and matching my boots with the wood! I figured he was a local. He appeared like he was in his late 20s. He was wearing a black tee-shirt with black leather jacket and had deep green eyes. I liked how he looked at me. Like he has never seen a drunk girl do silly stuff before. The look of adoring; and not lusting!

He grabbed a stool next to me and we got to talking. Surprisingly, his English was good and we had a very interesting conversation about German and Indian night life, the lesser known tourist places around and out of nowhere the conversation lead to topics such as emotional intimacy and love.

The conversation got so interesting and arousing that he leaned in for a kiss.

What looked like a perfect experience so far, was ruined when I just couldn’t kiss! I just didn’t feel like. He smiled at me and said, “I understand. Do you mind a picture? For the sake of memory?” I said, “Sure! Go ahead and I am so sorry for…”. He said that he will remember our encounter as a beautiful story. He kissed me goodbye on my cheek and left.

Once he left, I screamed,

What the hell is wrong with you?!?!

I noticed a guy laughing at me while hiding behind his glass of whiskey. I had empty shot glasses too. So, I snuck behind them and looked at him. I don’t know why. He moved his glass aside and hand-gestured that my hair looked pretty. I moved my shot glasses and hand-gestured that I couldn’t see him! He laughed his ass off and gestured if he could join me.

He seemed pretty much of my age and had charming brown eyes. He was not very handsome but something about him was oddly satisfying which made him pretty charming. He sat next to me and both of us ordered another drink. For 20-seconds, we were just looking at each other. Because then the drinks came!

He placed his palm on my side of the table signaling for a dance. The music was great, the vibe was good, the heart was happy. So, I decided to go for it.

He held my hand and took me to the dance floor. He put his hands around my waist while looking at me with his twinkling eyes.

The slow dancing, the feeling of someone looking at you like you had only imagined, the vodka high; all of it led to one very passionate kiss. I felt him smiling while kissing me. And for some reason, it felt beautiful.

I wanted to tell him,

Boy, your smile has the potential to undress me. You’re so gorgeous that it actually hurts!

But I kept it to myself. I was drunk but not stupid. We continued to dance and after a while, he pulled me close. His fingers made their way through my backless dress. It felt tingly and intimate. I loved how he slid his fingers on my back and continued to dance. Then, he gestured me to listen and feel. I could hear him breathe near my ear and it was stupid but sexy! And then he giggled! I looked at him, held his face with my soft hands and we kissed again. He smelled like whiskey mixed with cinnamon & sandalwood. He was irresistible.

We didn’t speak a word yet had the most beautiful conversation.

He grabbed me tightly around my waist and ….

(Do you want to know what happened next? If you want me to write a PART 2 blog, let me know in the comments)

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