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The magic of love

Where should we begin – The after-wedding proposal

Now that we are sure about spending our lives with each other
Where should we begin?

Where should we begin?
I would love to know where you come from
Not just your country but your childhood; your community
Were you raised for loyalty or were you raised for autonomy?
Do you smile when you think about your childhood experiences? Or was it traumatic?

Would you take me there?
I would love to enter and hold your hand from the time you were known to your deepest feelings
Is that a good spot to begin with?
I know it’s a vulnerable spot but I promise I will be delicate and considerate and mindful
I would keep that a secret and carry it to my grave
I would kiss your skin a hundred times for all that you have endured

And if you were blessed to have a happy childhood
I would adore your parents; respect them
And love them like a sister loves a brother; that love is the purest I’ve known
I would write them a letter and decorate it with perfumed flowers
I would write them a thousand thank yous for keeping you away from pain, suffering and showering you with unconditional love
And I would secretly wish
For them to love me like a daughter
A love I’ve never truly known

So tell me where should we begin?
Were you raised to be self-reliant or
Were you raised for inter-dependency?
I am brave, soft hearted and fierce
But I tend to get weak sometimes
It comes with my survivor tales
But I have learned to dust off the worries
And stand up for myself
And dream
And fulfill my dreams, bit by bit, step by step, one after another
Should we begin from the dreamer’s avenue?

Would that be a good start?

Shall we dream together?
Or work on our dreams individually and support one another?
What would you like more?
Tell me my baby,
Where should we begin?
Would you love to hop on to this ride?
Would you love to be there till the end?

You should know that I have the deepest love for you
The longing to truly know you and to be known to you
Comes from the most twinkling part of my existence – my loving heart
So tell me while I am looking deep into your bones
Should we begin?

If you’d ask me, I’d kiss your eyes and say, Let’s begin!
It’s time to shine and love each other inside out!
It’s time!

Picture courtesy: We Heart It


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