Countryside house where clothes are left to dry
The power of dreams and hardwork

Will I make it?

I often think,

Will I really achieve that dream of mine?

The one that’s very loud and keeps resurfacing if I forget about it for a while. You know, us humans, we have this trait of working on our dreams and if our early efforts are not fruitful, we tend to have a sour heart and forget about it. But there are some people, few people who got that stubborn heart. And you know what, miracles often sparkle at their doorstep. Call it a miracle or a bearing of their efforts–they certainly deserve it. There’s no denying!

It’s completely fine to feel low occasionally when it seems like our efforts are just not enough. When I need some spiritual/mindful healing, I tend to listen to my uplifting songs playlist to bring myself back on track.

So, when my heart asks me,

Will we make it?

I say,

We will! We just need to try harder and give it a few more shots!

I tend to resort to other ways as well such as speaking with a trusted friend, watching wholesome movies or watching videos about the life of locals in countries of my choice. But there’s nothing like some good music with apt lyrics. Sometimes, you come across words you didn’t even know you needed to hear 😊

I shared this blogpost thinking it might help someone not give up on their recent / long-forgotten dream. Hang in there and try harder.

The expert in anything was once a beginner

A girl who is going to do big things cannot let small things get to her

Never forget how wildly capable you are

We are all brothers and sisters walking the same path somehow. On this thought, I wrote a poem for fellow dreamers:

Dorothy has a head full of dreams and visions
She loves her cattle and her countryside house
But often finds herself envisioning a life amidst cityscapes
She even shares her dreams and talks about them with some of her cattle
While gazing at the starlight

Today, while having a conversation with her goat, Abby,
Dorothy questioned, Abby, Do you think I will ever get to be on the other side of the story?
Will it be like what I imagined? Will I make it?
Abby answered, Baaa, that’s a very deep conversation you are having with a goat
But you know what Dorothy
Maybe the city life won’t be a path filled with roses but hey you’ve got some experience with handling both flora and fauna
You will make it on the other side, honey
Just keep trying

Dorothy's goat, Abby, who is a beautiful brown goat with innocent eyes and a wide smile.

Countryside house where clothes are left to dry

Dorothy and Abby continue their conversation and discuss about Abby’s dreams as well. Apparently, Abby wants to live a quiet life and not be bothered by any one.

I guess we can all understand Abby!

Picture Courtesy: We Heart It

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  • Priyanka kate

    Dorothy Just As You Are is a beautiful story! It is very sweet n her conversation partner is also so cute🦙🌱🎋😍🥰

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